The Heist

The Combine have a weapon based on the Gravity Gun and you play as a part of the Resistance whose job is to sneak in and steal the prototype. This is a short one, with a small amount of variety throughout. You can sneak past the combine, charge in or fight them off. Other enemies soon take part such as head crabs and a Strider. The helicopter ride was a nice touch but fell through the map the second play through. A balanced and quite enjoyable short experience.

Set in a pretty standard city and industrial district with a small warehouse on the lower levels close to a railway. Structure and texturing is above average, with some moderate lighting throughout but nothing too special about it to mention. Map is also set at night with a slight dark ambience throughout the map too add to the stealth aspect.

Short, balanced and enjoyable map with some standard above average design throughout.

Overall Rating: 70%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Josh Black
Download: Here

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