You were being chased down by the police through some alleys and escape into the sewers where the adventure starts from there. Although considering the theme of this map it is rather enjoyable and balanced yet a little too easy in some spots. You will be both walking and driving the airboat through the sewers trying to escape while being hunted down by zombies, headcrabs and the combine, trying to avoid any traps on the way. Ammo and health supplies is at a good balance as well. There are four short parts to this map of which become a little more epic the further you get and the playtime is at a good length. Some good use of the game’s music throughout fitting the scenes well.

Above average throughout, the structures in the one are simple yet quite effective to the theme. However many areas still felt empty and could have uses some other forms or details, maybe some cob webs. Typical sewer layout in some areas while a little different in others like the large cave like area. Typical yet good texture choices, aligned fairly well but got repeatitives throughout. Map also uses a lot of junk prop models around as a form to fill some of the gaps, of which make sense but got in the way during some points. Level of lighting is great considering the theme as you didn’t always have to resort to the flashlight due to dark lighting, yet it looked moderate and some interior lighting didn’t look too good and could have been more atmospheric. However, in a later level during the mid evening airboat chase the dull lighting rather moody to the area an worked well in that setting, none of the models in this sections got in the way either during gameplay which kept the pace going.

Fairly good map, enjoyable yet easy gameplay with above average design which can look great if improved upon.

Overall Rating: 75%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Remonttimies
Download: PlanetPhillip

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