Deadly Darkness

A horror themed map with a few very simple fights with zombies and headcrabs. The main approach of the map is to scare the player and it does it quite well with some unexpected surprises that made me jump a few times. Some dark atmosphere throughout with some good use of ambient sounds to add to the effect and a few unavoidable damage can be inflicted on you in some places, but it’s rather enjoyable with a nice flow for a short map.

Rather basic, but nothing that looks out of place, however a few places could have looked a little more detailed. Rooms are basically full of props to fill them up, although used realistically, and the texturing is fair but could have used a bit of trimming here and there. Structure of the interiors is basic but outside is a little less average and looked quite good, but overall it’s nothing ugly. Lighting was mainly dark, with some bright lights in a few rooms that cause some bad shadows though and good use of red lighting that wasn’t too intense.

Overall Conclusion
Short and enjoyable but some basic design throughout.

Author: Hemuuuli
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 60%
Download: Here

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