Veikko Complex

Balanced and fair throughout although could have used a few more enemies around the main complex areas. The flow is rather done well as everything has a nice pace to it, weapons are given to you in decent locations with little yet plenty of ammo around. Only zombies and headcrabs are used in the map, in good numbers each time that doesn’t cause too much fustration with little, yet plenty of health around. Not real goal to the map except fighting the zombies and surviving until the end, with a linear path to follow. A lot of ambience sounds are used that make the complex feel more alive and the exteriors more realistic, and other sudden sounds that adds to the horror theme a little bit more.

Uses a lot of detail props throughout the entire map although they have been used very well, used in places they should be and mix well with the rest of the design, although the structure of the complex could have been more interesting. Texturing was done well, although average throughout as they mix well together, especially with the models. The lighting is also good in most areas, the red lights were a bit too intense in colour though yet still added to the atmosphere.

Overall Conclusion
Balanced gameplay with good design and use of detail props, however structure could have been better.

Author: Unknown
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 60%
Download: Here

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