City 13

Run and gun action with a few buttons to press, however the flow is very boring and tiresome. A lot of enemy combine soldiers are thrown at you in a large city enviroment that is niether exciting or fustrating. Player does however gather enough supplies to survive though. Knowing where to go isn’t at all obvious and the long walks were annoying too.

Very average, with some very basic structure and texturing throughout. Although the map doesn’t have plain blocks and square rooms is a plus, however the bad design ruined it. Lighting was bad in a lot of places, especially the indoors as it was a green toned yellow and didn’t look good at all.

Overall Conclusion
A tiring and boring map with bad design.

Author: Freeman / Flynn
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 30%
Download: Here

Map doesn’t include new weapons as shown in screenshots

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