Resident Evil: Covert Operations Walkthrough

I got reminded about the walkthrough for Resident Evil: Convert Operations and decided to add it now, thanks for the reminder. The walkthrough is a bit old so it may have some spelling errors and some bits might not make sense but I’ll fix those later. It explains as much as I can when I played through the whole thing but I never found the colt, it may be in the room where the tiger statue is in the original game. To read more, click on the link to read the article.

When the map has started, turn around and behind you should be two buttons. Normal and Insane. This walkthrough is based on Normal skill, so choose that one if you wish.

Now you should spawn, but you should move out of this room quickly, since this is the only spawn and you don’t want to be spawn killed. Proceed through the single door, since you can’t go outside the double doors.

This now brings you to the main hall, walk up to the guy lying on the floor. A cuscene should play and he asks you to get him some anti-toxin. Pick up the gun he has, then walk upstairs. Turn right, and down on of the balconies is a knife. Take it if you wish, otherwise, proceed through the second floor double doors. Your in the second floor dining room, take the left route and shoot the chair in the first floor dining room so that door can be unlocked. Proceed through the single door. Walk into this corridor and you should see a survivor. Chase after him, but when you get to the stairs, you hear a scream. This is still on the 2nd floor, so take the door to the right of the stairs. Proceed through this door.

Now you are ambushed of zombies, kill them all, and kill any outside of the corridor you came out of, then proceed down the corridor. Check the body, No pulse, but you got some bullets.Proceed through the door. From here, go to the end of this corridor to the double doors, locked. Check the part in between the elevator and double doors, and check the paper on the wall. You need two statues to enter the double doors. If you check the lift switch, you need a club key. Go back around the corner and there is a health room, go in here and there is the anti-toxin. In the same room at the top most cuboard is some pistol bullets. Proceed back to the main hall. As you return, you find he is gone, but retrieve a key. Now the creepy music starts, and this is just the begining of the mission.

Just the beginning
From here you want to go through the double doors on the first floor, then through the high tech door. Turn left then look up, there is that survivor again. But then he notices you and runs away. Anyway, proceed through here, but on your left there is a wedding ring on the floor. Now continue right until you see another high tech door, proceed through here. Take the left in this corridor and walk to the end, on your right is a ladder, climb this and turn around at the top. Proceed through the high tech door. This is where that survivor was, but he’s gone. On your left is a shotgun. Continue walking along the grated floor, on the wall is a vent, but before proceeding through here, look across on the ledge across the slime pool. There is an MO disk there. To get it, jump on the side of the pool’s edge and jump onto the ledge then pick it up. Now to get back, you could drop to the floor and reclimb the ladder, or jump from the pool’s edge on the edge of the grates which hasn’t got a railing, either way, get back on there and jump through the vent.

In the vent, continue through it, and on the right is a kelvar and on the left is the route you want to go. When you drop down, you see a scientist ghost get dragged back. Go through this door and you’ll see the licker for the first time. After the cut scene, you can kill it, but if you want to save ammo, it won’t touch you at all unless someone shoots it. Take the shotgun ammo and on one of the file cabinets is some magnum ammo. Proceed through the double doors. Watch out around here since reavers will appear. On the left is locked at the moment, so proceed to the right through the double doors. Theres some stairs on the left, but first, go right, the single door here is locked an needs a keycard. Behind you should be a box, pick it up and pistol bullets will be made im the ammo room.

Go up the stairs and into the single door. Turn right and continue down here. Go through the metal door and take the ammo and keycard. Go back downstairs and through the single door that was near the bullets. In here is a flare, a wedge and on your left is a control box to turn on the power. After the cutscene, go back through the double doors and go to the left side of this corridor instead. Once entered this room, on the shelfs is some ammo. Before proceeding through the next room, ask a team to stay outside. Once in this room ,get the ammo and the MO disk. Now a crimson head will smash through to get you. Get your teammate to open the door and kill the thing.

Let’s head for the sewers
Head back to the area you got the keycard but proceed through the other door and the high tech door. Follow the corridor and enter the lift. Once up here, wlak through the high tech door and run up to the scientist. After the cutscene, the scientist has transformed. Kill this fast, this is an easy fight if you keep running backwards around the lab tubes. After the fight, check out the first computer. You get a code. Exit out of this area and get to the stairs, and enter the left high tech door. Pick up the wooden emblem and proceed back to the mansion and head back to the area you first saw the survivor. now run down the stairs. Under the stairs is some health and the door there is locked, but not for long. Continue around the corner.

A zombie should burst through the door, kill it. And go into the room on the right. On the bed is some shotgun ammo and on the desk is a document, read it if you like then proceed through the door the zombie burst out of. Continue forward and turn right into the green house. In here, move the stone around the pool to the area with a metal plated floor. Instert the wedge here and push the stone onto the plate. On the shelf is some health and behind you, a goddess statue has dropped, pick it up.

Exit out of the room and proceed down and take a left. Take the door at the end. On the right is a tearoom with a shotgun on the chair and at the very end of this corridor is the bar. Enter here. In here pick up the pad on the table, you get a lockpick and then place the wooden emblem in the hole. On your right is some health and ammo, pick these up if you wish and continue through the new area. Jump onto the golden emblem to pick it up. Wait here and the door should close and a licker starts to break its way through. Kill it and go through this hole and take the left, through the door, then through the opposite door. This is the first floor dining room. Near the double doors is a kelvar. Place the emblem on the hole above the fireplace. Part of the wall opens. Enter the door here. On the left is a uzi and grapple, pick these up. Then a crimson will appear, kill it then go back down to the labs. Make sure you have a knife on you.

Now from the three way corridor but it may have zombies although they can be easily avioded, go to the high tech that you’ve not been through. Follow the corridor and the use the terminal and open the door. This bit can use two different ways down. The first one isn’t risky. Get a team mate to stay at the top, get out your grapple, right click then left click shoot that team mate. Now jump down and you lower down steadily. Theres health on the ledge too. The second way down, is to walk down the hole as if there was a path there, but keep to the north wall, then steadily move back and forth till you get down. Once down there, you can use the terminal to activate the lift so others can get down, but you can only use the one at the bottom for now.

The Sewers
From here, bust open the vent and climb through. Once through, take the left, then climb down the ladder and go right. Follow this until the end and take out your knife. Drop down into the sewers and start hitting the glass. Keep doing this until it breaks, it may take some time, but its better to save your ammo. Once it breaks, turn the valve, and get the minigun and shoot the umbrella sucurity guard until dead and stay low until the toxin takes affect. Once this is done, walk out of that area, and take the right and follow this sewer area. Theres a door there, so jump up on the ledge and climb though. Take the left and a cuscene will play, you dropped a flare down the hole. Jump down. There infront of you is a giant crocadile, but its health is huge. Don’t bother wasting ammo, head towards the dead gaurd and take his rifle, then push the box in the right corner from where the hole is. This should start to flood the place, so keep swimming around until the current is high enough to keep still since the crocadile can get you. Its health starts to decrease because it’s drowning and once it’s dead, you retrieve a club key from its corpse.

Almost there, keep on surviving!
Now, to return back to the mansion main hall, follow the sewer and take the right turn the follow that until you see a metal single door. Go throught here. On your rigth is some health if needed. Climb the ladder. Now take the lift up. The terminal at the top can now be used to go down. Return to the main hall. If you need some pistol ammo, head down to the stairs you saw that survivor and head into the room with the lockpick needed. Ammo spawns here. Now head around the corner and go into the rooms that needed the club key. In the bedroom is an M4 and a MO disk. Head to the lab you had the boss battle with that scientist and use the second computer to unlock some rooms. Head out to the stairs and go through the high tech door where you got the wooden emblem, the second high tech door now opens, in here is a crossbow, and in the corner is a red box. This has shotgun parts and you can make a shotgun with it.

Head back to the sewers. The place is now flooded, so take the ladder down and open the door and shoot the shark there with yout pistol, easily killed. Head to the area you fought the crocodile but take the single metal door instead, and take the first right door. Climb the ladders here. Continue through the vent. On the left is a sniper rifle and on thje right is the way we wish to go.

Swimming with the sharks
Kill the licker after dropping down. Now make sure you have full health. Go through the single high tech door. This looks like a dead end, but you have to go under water. follow the path down to the high tech door, and turn left where you see a hunter and naked man in a tube. In the room near here is some ammo and kelvar, and above this is some place to get oxygen. Swim back under and head towards the right side instead and go through the big shark tank. Watch out for the big shark, try to get a team to distract it. Look for the keycard on the table and take this back to the stairs near the room you got the wooden emblem. Go through the single door then the green door will now open, take the clip and valve on the shelf. Head back down to the shark tank and use the valve on the pipe. Get someone to distract the Gorger and head through the right side where the big door opened and look for a hole in the roof. Climb this and crawl out. Theres a train there.

A cutscene will play, and Maithus is now in the main hall. But inside the train is another statue and some ammo, and on the right side of the train is another type of sniper rifle with ammo. And around the same area is health. Now head back under water and go to the main hall and kill Maithus and head to the elevator on the second floor that need the club key. You can take the elevator down and around teh corner is a shotbox, to make shotgun shells in the ammo room, this will be very useful for the last boss. Now place the statues (this is annoying since they don’t always place) and head into the library.

Time for the final Boss fight
Kill the zombie and head into the next room. Pull the switch. There is a magnum box here, also useful to make magnum bullets, and some shotgun shells and also one on the bookcase. There is a stone in this room. Push this into the previou room and push it onto the plate, near the paper on the wall. A bookcase will move. Its a bathroom. Head into the hole and then a cutscene will play. Maithus will kill him, and set the trigger off. Kill Maithus, one shot should do, then turn the corner. The Archvile is waiting. Unload everything your team has onto it until it dies. Give no mercy, aim for the head. It may start breaking walls, but don’t let it get stuck in the corridor you first encounter the zombies. Once dead you get the virus, now head behind the staircase and enter the door. Take the lift down, and head into the train and press the controls. Your mission is over, congratulations!


  1. Resident Evil FREAKKKK
    May 4, 2007

    Dude thanks so much that really helped ;) but do im also stumped in reo1 think you can make a a walkthrough for that thanks a bunch!

  2. May 4, 2007

    No problem, for REO1 it depends since I haven’t touched Sven Coop in months and vaguely remember the map. Might do it at some point but we’ll see. Nice to see people are still playing RECO though.

  3. MCGSCEFWH55555
    November 23, 2009

    there’s a prob
    you said put the golden emblem around the 1st floor dining room
    well on my side it is locked
    it says that something is blocking it

  4. quakis
    November 24, 2009

    Did you shoot and break the chair from the balcony of the upper dining room that blocks the door below? Once that’s broken you should be able to proceed.

  5. Sgt.Jackson
    August 12, 2012

    Dude how I get that stone in that plate it needs wedge to take it up into plate ?

  6. Sgt.Jackson
    August 12, 2012

    And yeah how I unlocked the doors it says *Locked a picture of club is inscribed on the knob * What did he means ?

  7. quakis
    August 13, 2012

    Yes, you need the wedge and once it’s placed, you can push the stone onto the plate. The location of the wedge is mentioned in the 8th paragraph.
    ‘Club is inscribed’ just means you need to find the Club Key. This is found when you beat the Crocodile boss.

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