The Secret Installation

Author: Iikka 'Fingers' Keränen Released: November 21st 1997

A challenging one this that can be quite hard in some areas, although the groups of enemies may not be large each time, they can still pack a punch, which is a pain sometimes. Although, that isn’t bad either since there is still plenty of ammo and health around to keep you satisfied, and the odd armour here and there. Weapons are given to the player in a good pace, although I found the Lighting Bolt gun wasn’t really necessary as you had plenty of ammo for the other weapons anyway. Fights aren’t too short or too long, therefore they aren’t tiresome and remain enjoyable. The main thing that is done throughout is a few switches, levers and a key to proceed further, which aren’t hidden so finding them isn’t a problem.

Simple yet very good construction, everywhere you look with some good details that don’t go overboard and stick to the theme and style throughout the rest of the map. Texturing is fantastic, great choices used that fit with the enviroment, I especially liked the way textures were used in the corridors and the wall lights, good work there. Each one is aligned to perfection without any visable problems. Lighting is good, nothing too dark and no visable problems with it either as it fits well with the theme and doesn’t cause any difficulties in gameplay.

Overall Conclusion
Good, solid and tidy designed map with challenging gameplay.

Author: Iikka ‘Fingers’ Keränen
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Quaddicted

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  1. July 7, 2006

    This is one the best – if not the best Quake1sp map ever. Iikka’s home-made texture set is awesome and the level plays like a dream. This one was very popular when it came out and received a fantastic response from the community.

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