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Screenshots cannot describe the gameplay in this mod. There are two teams, the Marine’s and the Hidden. Theres only 1 Hidden and the rest are Marines. The Hidden must take out all the Marines to win, as the Marines must kill the Hidden to win. The one who kills it, gets to be it next. Being the Hidden can be a hard job, but sometimes easy. You are invisible, and only have a Knife and 3 pipebombs and can run faster than marines. The Marines have a beretta and a choice of a P90 or shotgun, and it’s hard for the Marines to spot the Hidden. The Hidden can also scare the Marines by breaking boxes, or making sounds, this can throw Marines off guard. Theres a lot of tension in this mod and the fun can last for hours, although the default round time limit can be a bit too short.


All the levels have been made and designed well, with a lot of hiding places and large areas to use at your advantage. Lighting is done well in some maps. The sewer level is my favorite as it is dark and creepy, it could be bigger though, but is very good map for The Hidden.

Overall Conclusion

Another great mod for online play.

Type: Multiplayer
Rating: %
Download: Here

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