Northern Petrol Storage Area


Pretty much balanced all the way through keeping this one enjoyable till the end. Nothing more than a simple action map where you must fight your way to the end of the map but that doesn’t make this a bad map. The amount of enemies and control over the well thought out weapon, ammo and health is really good and keeps consistant. The fights don’t end up being too challenging and some explosive barrels and other props around to help during combat which was very useful. The flow was good, with battles in each area adding more enemies each time saving the largest till last. The flares shot in the sky were interesting making it feel like you’re really an intruder adding to atmosphere.


Solid and clean design throughout the whole map, with a great structure to everything with a realistic touch to it. Large open areas with good details here and there with a good amount of props used in decent locations. Texturing is very good and blends well with the theme and rest of the map. Lighting was above average, nothing too special or anything bad but kept the map well lit without any problems.

Overall Conclusion

A decent map, with really well controlled action and solid design.

Author: Glenn “RipeX” Evertsen
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 80%
Download: Here

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