Mistake of Pythagoras


This game is not related to the story of the Half-life2. Something goes mad because the human race failed in the experiment, and it connects with another world. The resident in the another world is crazy due to the mistake. We should restore the situation. Very exciting and interesting gameplay with a very good introduction which makes you start wondering what the hell is going on. Throughout the whole modifacation is a lot of action and some interesting puzzles. There are also some very tension building cutscenes and other interesting elements I don’t wish to spoil. This modifaction uses some very good ideas throughout making this one stand out from the other modifacations. When you get closer to the end though, you get some interesting power which is both fun and hilarious to use, ever wanted to fling trains across a map? I’ll leave it at that.


Some very interesting locations are made within this modifaction and a lot of good ideas and well designed buildings, but sometimes they can feel a bit flat or average with some rooms being empty and basic texturing. But that doesn’t make the modifaction bad because of all the great ideas and structures make up for it, especially in the other world. I also found the numbers dropping from the sky quite scary as well, because it’s not normal!

Overall Conclusion

Interesting modifacation with great ideas and a lot of good action and cutscenes.

Author: Koumei Satou
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 88%
Download: Here


  1. August 6, 2006

    Satou is my God – the levels kept pumping out interesting new ideas and wacky themes. I especially liked the falling numbers and the fact that all these neat ideas were included without any new coding. It’s a fascinating idea how Satou turned those few paintings into incredibly good looking maps. The best HL2 single-player pack so far.

  2. Zockopa
    September 26, 2006

    I would like to see Satou,Foster & Tylak make a 20 level mod together. I guess the original game would look old then…

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