Be a Rebel Part One


The map is challenging, but not too hard, until later on into the map. You don’t spawn with a hev suit, so you can watch your health during the first battle. After entering the sewers, you get the crowbar, but can’t switch back to pistol. Although, the hev suit isn’t far away from there, it is very badly placed, and too much health next to it. Enemies in the first area were placed well though, but the zombies, weren’t in the small sewer. After that, the fights get a little messy with the combine, although possible. After jumping from the roof in some area, you then have to fight some gun ship which is in a very bad location. Then after that, you fight a strider behind you as the wall disapears, also in a terrible place to fight it. And the rebels get in the way here too, since this area is also tight.


Design is very poor and flat. Texturing is very poor and you get steps in bad dimensions. A lot of the stuff in the map is placed poorly and a lot of areas are cramped.

Overall Conclusion

Not a very good map, with bad design but with a lot of action, although placed badly.

Author: Sean Herron
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 10%
Download: Here

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  1. rapidZ
    October 6, 2006

    Talk about crap. And how did a strider get in the place where it is at the end of the level!

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