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A Night in Rocksbourg III: Ink and Dust

Manages to create a frightening atmosphere within a dark and gritty yet living environment, full of ambiance and designed with care. Many questions are answered while more are created, full of mystery with a fitting inspiration from Silent Hill.


Forgotten Forest

Explore the house and venture through the crypts, the Forgotten Forest has a nice blend of mystery, exploration and secrets where the real difficulty lies in having a keen eye to find hidden switches.


Ominous Bequest Gold

The exploration, secrets and story are some of the major elements which make this mission a fun experience. The design has plenty of significant variety between the different sections of the map and as a whole looks good.


Rose Cottage

Excellent visuals, scene composition and lighting. Creepy gameplay that involves exploration and being scared. Brilliant little mission with plenty of tension.


Thief2X – Shadows of the Metal Age

Thief2X is a high quality fan mission with enjoyable missions in great looking locations, complete with briefings, cutscenes and new voice acting, is deffinitely a great experience you would expect from a retail game.


What Lies Below – The Crusade for the Old Quarter

This can be a difficult mission to conquer, but rewarding upon doing so as you progress between each section, all set within a fantastic looking sewer with an interesting twist in its visual style.