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Dark Place 5

A great map with a scary theme, challenging with plenty of ammo and health.


Dogville (Extended 2012 Version)

No doubt a good thing to see an old classic getting an update and proper re-release, but I honestly felt that the extended parts didn’t add much to the overall experience, lacking the same visual punch and increasingly sluggish combat. These sections on their own provide a decent action packed level, but not on par with the original Dogville.


Duke Hard

DUKE HARD is a fantastic community effort offering seventeen levels of varying qualities and styles, each worth playing through at least once. Personal favourites include; CONSTRUCTION DESTRUCTION, ABSTRATECH, SHOWCASE and LEGAL JOINT.


Just Another Christmas

A very good map by Taivo worth playing if you have not. Map has some noticable inspirations from Pascal’s work, but still uses a lot of Taivo’s own style.

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Roch Island

Great design with balanced and action packed gameplay.