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Moldy Tower

Author: necros | Released: July 1st 2009

Slower paced gameplay with a great atmosphere, further enhanced from the new sound effects and other neat elements, such as the working cogs. Design is good, consistent and works very well throughout.


Subterranean Siege

Author: Misyu, necros, Vigil & Xen | Released: October 8th 2002

Challenging and enjoyable, with excellent high quality design throughout.


The Altar of Storms

Author: necros | Released: June 22nd 2011

If excellent is too common of a phrase to describe this release, then I’m running out of good words to use. The Altar of Storms is a visually refreshing treat while offering a good amount of action, fun boss fights and neat little effects throughout.


The Living End

Author: necros | Released: August 18th 2008

Although the map has some brilliant design, the gameplay falls rather short by being mostly too easy and really misses out on taking advantage of the atmosphere it creates.