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Circle of Strain

Through the simplistic gameplay, layout and fair guard usage, Circle of Strain can be a somewhat relaxing mission in ways with moments that may require a little more patience to get through unseen. Otherwise, an easy mission if the blackjack is your best friend.


Circle of Strain 2

Author: Markus "Mokkis" Lappalainen | Released: October 19th 1999

COS2 focuses on assassination as a core objective for this short and simple mission, but otherwise offers some thieving aspects inside a refreshing type of estate and can be enjoyable to play, but isn’t quite as strong as its previous mission.


Circle of Strain 3

Released: Markus “Mokkis” Lappalainen

While the city segment loses it potential for providing little else than window dressing, COS3 is still a solid, easy going mission but again lacks some needed polish in many places. The mansion appears to be its core location and offers some nice moments to ensure an enjoyable experience.