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Moldy Tower

Author: necros | Released: July 1st 2009

Slower paced gameplay with a great atmosphere, further enhanced from the new sound effects and other neat elements, such as the working cogs. Design is good, consistent and works very well throughout.


Skinny Norris

Author: negke | Released: August 1st 2008

The large variety in enemy types used and styles of combat ensure the map is fresh right the way through, including some replay value from the choice of two paths halfway in the map. The level consistently uses its unusual style and definitely looks good.

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Travail – A Quake Journey

Author: aguirRe, Asaki, distrans, negke, Preach & Scragbait | Released: July 9th 2007

This is deffinitely a high quality mission pack that is worth checking out, while the first episode remains the best, while the rest of the pack has its ups and downs. Flow between some of the levels are sometimes inconsistent, but the overall pack has great design and some enjoyable, challenging gameplay throughout.