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Author: XeNoN | Released: December 17th 2001

While I have no problems with the decision toward linear gameplay, the poor offerings with the combat really brings this one down, suffering from being too easy and one sided and not making use of the benefits to large environments.

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Forwards Compatible

Author: The Lieutenant | Released: January 19th 2008

The non-linear, interconnected layout offers a decent degree of choice and replayability, despite leaning on the easy side being dominent with weak Grunts and Enforcers. Each area is varied appropriately throughout offering distinctive locations, but does suffer from too much darkness across the level


Ruined Nation

Author: Paul 'distrans' Brosche | Released: May 19th 2008

Actioned packed, yet very challenging expierence depending on the skill. Great design and decent usage of the textures throughout an atmospheric level.