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Alien Planet X64-2

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Released: May 1st 2003

Divided into two very distinctive parts, starting off with a frantic escape sequence through an eerie cave network before heading into a combat heavy scenario against the planet’s security force. A straight forward adventure with varied encounters, X64-2 should keep players on their toes when exploring this hostile alien environment.


Red Sun

Author: Eckard Gehm | Released: 6th October 1997

Space theme offering a nice twist toward design using a rustic industrial style accompanied with alien infestation and great use of lighting brings something fresh to the table. Combat on the other hand is a walk in the park.


The Unknown Planet

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Released: January 1st 2016

Another alien planet themed level from Maarten opting for different gameplay compared to X64-2 aiming for raw action, high enemy counts and excessive firepower. TUP shouldn’t cause many problems for experienced players. Strong visuals piece together an island setting quite well without ignoring those stranger aesthetics that help establish foreign environments.