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Author: Tigger-oN | Released: June 26th 2012

Each level feels alive and dynamic, the hostile nature of combat and limited amount of supplies on the harder difficulty provides a good sense of challenge while retaining some fairness. The non-linear layout and the many surprises in store kept things interesting, along with an internal achievement system for added replay value if those goals weren’t retrieved first time. An excellent set of levels that are consistently nice looking to boot.


The Sigma Core

Author: Ryan "Quaker-X" Rutherford | Released: October 24th 2004

Manages to remain an enjoyable experience through its varied encounters and increasing hostility during progress, accompanied by high quality visuals across two different texture schemes and providing a tense atmosphere through its choice in lighting. Solid map all round which feels similar to the vanilla levels.

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The Slaughterhouse

Author: Neil Manke | Released: May 5th 1997

Although dating back to 1997, the map is still a solid experience including interactivity with the machines, some nice design with a consistent choice of textures and colour theme.


UAC: Lost Facility

Author: Robert 'BJA' Hodri | Released: July 18th 2006

Two levels taking place within a brightly lit industrial setting using a stone and brickwork texture scheme. The action feels alive which steadily increases in difficulty overtime while many diversions along the main path help to keep things interesting.



Author: Atomic Armadillo Entertainment | Released: June 29th 2008

Eight action packed maps, offering a variety of themes with good design all round. While the combat is a little on the easy side, the run and gun mechanics are handled well despite the infinite ammo, to keep a constant pace when mowing down waves of enemies.