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Altar of Evil

Author: Dutch Devil | Released: July 7th 2005

Even now the level is still an enjoyable experience with a nice set of challenges thrown at you. Design remains as good as I remember it to be and has a good use of colour.


Doom Raider: Crypt of the Vile

Author: Russell Pearson | Released: June 23rd 2003

A really well made map with some good ideas throughout.



Author: Alexander "Eternal" S. | Released: October 17th 2008

The maps have a nice change of pace with some laidback gameplay. Nothing difficult. Visuals are clean and solid, though the landscape is too flat and empty.

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Songs of the Damned

Author: Trevor Primmett | Released: December 18th 2006

Enjoyable, action packed map with great, varied design and balanced gameplay.