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Army of Darkness Doom

Author: Various | Released: July 9th 1996

AODD is a classic and enjoyable conversion that is very combat orientated, but does suffer from some pacing issues that may cause the experience to become a tiresome affair. Few maps stand out while others feel sluggish to get through, but the WAD does a good job at basing itself off from the third Evil Dead flick.


Asylum of the Wretched

Author: Ian Myers | Released: November 20th 2000

Boasts a foreboding and ominious atmosphere, heavily focusing on slower paced gameplay due to the low health and weaponless start. The experience is tense and eerie, but also remained interesting because of this.



Author: Alexander "Eternal" S. | Released: October 17th 2008

The maps have a nice change of pace with some laidback gameplay. Nothing difficult. Visuals are clean and solid, though the landscape is too flat and empty.


Sin City

Author: Ed Cripps | Released: July 19th 2001

A good ZDoom map with average fights, plenty of ammo but a bit lacking on health and a great design to go with the map too.

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Songs of the Damned

Author: Trevor Primmett | Released: December 18th 2006

Enjoyable, action packed map with great, varied design and balanced gameplay.