1. Daryl says:

    Hi, awhile ago I think in May 2005 you posted a walkthough for a half life 1 sven coop map called RECO otherwise known as Resident Evil Covert Operations. I was wondering if you still had that file?


  2. quakis says:

    Thanks for the reminder, just added it now.

  3. grinder74 says:

    hi, I’am admin of HL1 & HL2 SP Maps & Mods Polish Database
    [ ]

    i want contact with You, but i cant’t find any email on Your site,
    please send me any info – we can exchange links in blogroll

    thanks, greets

  4. Micki says:

    Nice new Layout B)

  5. Paul says:

    Drawn here from The Flaming Shipwreck release post over at the forums.

    Just another fan!

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