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Developer: 3DRealms
Released: 1997


3D Realms

GameplayA quite difficult one with some traps throughout the map. Each section of the map contains plenty of enemies to fight, which can also pose a big threat, but are mostly in front of the player at all times. After doing key objectives, more enemes are thrown at you in a blanced way, as the […]


Lotus Inn

Gameplay Very simple level without too many enemies which makes the map feel empty. Plenty of ammo making the map too easy and theres no challenge getting the keys. Lots of health about, enemies are placed random is most areas which ruins the map feel. Design Average design with some nice texture choices but aligned […]



Nitemare is a nice map with lots of enemies, but sometimes too random. Map does have a lot of ammo, but I found using the sword handy when under heavy fire. Level design is average here, and the cliffs could of looked better and more relistic, and there could of been a few more plant […]


Secret Of The Ancient Japan

Sotaj is a good Shadow Warrior map that is worth your time if you like challenging maps. This map is very well detailed with nice choice of textures to use, and most rooms look accurate, and look very japanese. The place’s I liked most were the outdoors, since there are plants everywhere and it looks […]


Tribute To Action

I really enjoyed playing this map, but its kind of small. The design is top notch, and every look quiet realistic, and the ammount of enemies is just right, especially when enemies sneak up behind you. There are some good challenging areas, especially near the end. There’s plenty of ammo in the map to keep […]