Thief and NewDark Reference Guide

What is NewDark?

An unofficial patch update to Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold and Thief 2: The Metal Age. This patch offers various features for both players and fan mission authors alike, from modern operating system support to increased engine limitations. Other additions also include, widescreen resolutions, an optional enhanced mantling system, crouching to free yourself from ladders and ropes, OpenAL EAX and many more.


Is it easy to install Newdark?

Thankfully, installation is rather simple and there are several options to choose from. Latest versions of GOG releases fortunately come with NewDark already installed, while both Steam and retail releases will need to have this update applied manually. Below are some automated suggestions;


Thief TDP & Gold: TFix

TFix is a fan created patcher that will install NewDark for you and also includes a few other optional fixes and mods. You can find more info, download and support at this link:

TFix Thread @ TTLG Forums


Thief 2: Tafferpatcher

Much like above, Tafferpatcher is another fan created patcher that practically does a similar job, except specifically for Thief 2 while again offering other optional additions and fixes. You can find more info, download and support at this link:

Tafferpatcher Thread @ TTLG Forums


Manual installation

Included in the release is some in-depth documentation about the changes and manual installation of the patch for both games. Download NewDark from Southquarter (v1.21 at the time of writing).


I need more help

If this simple reference guide doesn’t quite help, then please head over to the TTLG Forums and read the relevant topics for a better understanding. Alternatively, you could try the in-depth guides provided at