Biglight Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the map Biglight by Billy Boy for Duke3D. Take note that this walkthrough is meant as a guide to proceed further into the map at hand rather than mentioning the basics such as enemy or item locations. Also try to keep this as a reference and attempt to complete the map yourself.

Follow the trail down to short and take the right path. When you come to a yellow sign take a glance to the left at the green gate door. Take note of this location. Now head behind the opposite side of the yellow sign structure and dive underwater. Hit the switch here, this opens a small hatch to the left of you further away. Head inside this and surface up. Exit the cubicle.

Head forward towards the gate and grab the shotgun, turn back and notice the switch on the side of that last building. Press it and climb on top of the roof after the explosion using the structures around it. The vending machine proves useful. Head down the vent at the top, grab the pipebombs here and throw them through the gate to blow up the door. Exit the building.

Enter the next building to the left and hit the green gate switch in here. However we’re still not done yet. Head past the cublicle and into the crew quarters building. At the top bunk is a blue keycard so grab this. Then head back towards the green gate door. Enter inside here and head to the top. Take the first right into the tunnel. The switch here blows up the cublicle and spawns a pipebomb near this if you need it.

Go back and take the second right up and use the blue keycard. Once outside again take a right onto the platform and turn around until you see a “Do not operate” switch. Press this and jump onto the platform above you. Follow this path until the other platform lowers. Head down the ramp but don’t fall off. This activates yet another platform to lower so head back to that previous switch and hit it once again.

After doing this, head up the new platform which causes the lower one to raise giving you access to the next platform. Follow this path to the top and towards some doors. Enter this building. Jump on top of the doors, look towards the wall you came in at and jump. Notice that small gap, and jump into it. Look behind you and jump towards the roof of this building.

Head towards the edge with no fencing and look to the left. You should see a white platform so jump here. Then onto the red platform to hit the switch. Wait a short while and stand on the lift platform that lowered. Hit the switch again. Look to the left. Once at the top drop down on the other side to the right a bit. There should be a black switch down here so use it then head back up onto the area you dropped from. Stand on the black and yellow stripped floor and hit the switch here.

At the top, jump on top of the crane platform and walk towards its edge. Notice the vent in the side of the wall, and break inside it. Continue through here and head down the ramp with the glowing area, you should see a “biohazard” sign. Toss a pipebomb here and trigger it. Enter this new area. Follow the red corridor then jump into the left area. Shoot the canister and hit the switch in service access. From here jump onto the new platform. Look for a switch next to a broken pipe and press it. Then head into the service access elevator in the same area.

From here keep following the path up until you get to the meat disposal machine. Keep heading up the path and you should come up to a gate. Ignore this for how and follow the small edge past the lamp. Keep going around and you should notice a door. This is unlocked by the button code further round. The code is the second and forth. Enter the door we past a second ago. In here jump on the short ramp towards the window and hit the switch next to it. Exit via the window and through those gates we ignored.

In this area there are machines running, however as soon as you walk past the gates they stop. Take this cnance to do the next task. There are seven switches that need pushed. Two next to a hatch wall, one behind the taller box. Two around the left corner, and two on the right. This then blows up the hatch mentioned earlier. Head back out and walk past the gates once more slightly. Turn to see if the machines are running, if so then jump towards the opening and go through. Be careful here as you need to get into that hatch and getting crushed is simple.

When the small box is to the left, head to the right. As it comes back the tall one goes back. Step to the right and once the small box stops, jump on top of it. Now when the box moves towards the hatch, wait for the tall one to move and jump through. At the bottom here, bring the lift down then take it back up. You’re finally at the top areas of the level. Before you start exploring its best stick to a set order of doing things from here on. Take the left passage here onto some grass and take another left to the unfenced wall. Jump here and again take another left. There should be small platforms here and a rooftop. Head to that rooftop. On here on the wall is another “Do Not Operate” switch, press it anyway. Now head back and follow the orange path up.

You’ll come up to a low gate, Continue forward some more and you should see a “Keep Right” sign. Do as the sign says and keep following this path. You’ll find a small building here, head towards the sand wall and take a left. Drop down on the orange wood and glance on left wall. An arrow points to go to the left of the building with a small platform in sight. Follow it. Past the danger electricity box and down this entrance. Kill the pigcop and jump to where he was. Now press the switch next to the viewscreen.

Head back to the grassy area with the large guillotine. Once there follow the left wall and you see a gap inbetween the areas with a gate that has been opened. Follow this through. Upon coming into sight of a danger sign, take a left and through the door of the building here. Inside is an armory switch so press this and head back to the guillotine area. Head back through the gap to that lift we once came up. Now take the route past the “Hard Hat Area” sign.

Drop down and follow the path to the gap inbetween the brick wall. Take a right down this path. Follow it until you come up to an armory door, so enter this building. Once inside the left area is useless at the moment so go right. Once up the ramp take a left and head towards the dark wall. Underneath a yellow part of the texture is a switch. Push this and head down the ramp and continue into the next room. Find the lift and take it to the top. Don’t move from the lift yet, turn left and start jumping on the platforms you see to the top. Press the switch here next to the viewscreen and check to see what it opens.

Behind you should also be a window, this gives you access to the much higher levels so walk through it. You can’t get access to the top of the previous building yet so it’s best to leave it for now and continue the task of getting inside the middle building. The lighthouse itself. Take a left from where you dropped and follow it to the gates on the left. Hit the switch to give yourself quicker access here. From now on this area is going to be refered to as UPPER SECTION, while the area below will be refered to as LOWER SECTION. Keep note of these as they’ll be used from now on.

From the gate, lightly toss a pipebomb onto the wooden stairs and blow it up. Shrapnel should spawn about which opens up some new area. Head down here to save time later on getting access to the armory roof. Take a right until you see some room with karaoke taking place. Toss a pipebomb at the gate and blow it up. Head inside and press the machine next to the microphone. The curtains should open up so press the switch inside here. Head back and down the dark tunnel to a yellow sign. This door is now open so head in, jump to the top part using this corpse wall platform. Becareful not to fall out. Pull the switch and the guillotine should drop down and explosion take place. Exit out the window and head back to UPPER SECTION.

From the gates, follow the path towards the left until you come up to a green building. Ignore the barracks to the right. Drop down and contine forward as you were doing. At the end you should see an Emeperor Cycloid so duck back and stick to the back wall. Look left and you should see a shopping cart. Head there, break it and press the switch 4 times. Take your time so each of the cannon’s bombs explode on the monster until dead. This saves yourself ammo and annoyance later. Continue around the building to a sign with arrows pointing to enter. Do just that.

Inside here, clear the way of enemies and grab items as you do so. Do the same for the next floor via elevator and remember to take note of the forcefield with the sign, “Roof Access” Exit the building. Head back to the UPPER SECTION gate and take the same route. However, stop as you get to the first alienated wall to the right. Look left and jump onto the side of that building, then onto the higher section to the right of this. Up here enter the building undenearth the “Check weapons” door.

Inside, go fruther in and take a right all the way around to a pigcop. In the same place is a switch for the elevator so press it. Go up the lift. From up here take a right and head down the corridor with a blue glowing room. In here on the wall next to the woman picture is a switch. Press this and head back in the previous room. Take a left into the roof access. At the top take another left to the top. In here press the switch next to the viewscreen. When you exit this small room, take a rigth up the now lit passaged and through the door.

Take a left and take note of the elevator here. Follow the converyer belt until you get to the end so you’re going the opposite way it pushes you. From the top, look left, and jump on the roof of the shack you once entered. Here, press the switch. Now head back to that elevator near the conveyer belts. It’s a bit of time until you get to the top floor, once in you should notice some people. On the left wall next to the window is a button combination. The code is, the second and forth buttons. Head back down the elevator and follow the converyer belt once again. However stop when you come to some grates. Jump on top of them. Then drop on the other side. Look behind you for a drop in the floor next to the trash compactor sign. Down here grab the red key and press the switch to take the lift back up. Head to the UPPER SECTION gates.

Opposite the gates is a door with a red keycard reader. Use the key here and enter. Walk up to the lights on the wall in front of you, turn right and walk forward into the dark area past the gates on the right. Continue on and you should find an opening into this section. Enter it and find the buttons. The code is, the first, third and forth. Got back to the lights on the wall, turn left and look for a ramp going down. Follow this path to the end. Break open the vent and take the lift up.

As you get to the top, you’ll notice a switch on the wall. Press it. Take note of the wooden box to your right as you’ll be using this again later. Head back down the lift, through the vent and to that wall with the lights. Got to the opposite side of this middle structure and find a four way switch near some blue lights. Press it all the way and enter the right most compartment. Find the sign with a switch underneath it and press it. Head back round to the wall with lights and you’ll notice another compartment has opened, enter here. To the left is a window so smash this and enter. Open the door with the switch then look at the console on the wall, there’s another switch here so press that also. Exit this room.

Opposite there is a lit up gate door, enter that area. In this section, each floor as a switch to open the one above it. Those switches on the right wall are to set the elevator to which floor to bring you up to. Start with the second floor ofcourse and enter the lift up. You’ll be doing the same action for the different floors after each area.

Second Floor: From opening the door, head to the left and rotate around the computer console. There should be a panel so open this and press the switch inside. Exit and continue to take a left all the way around until you come up to a door which is open. Take a right in here and hit the switch. Head to the third floor.

Third Floor: From the door, take a right and enter the room with the door opened wide. Hit the switch that is found by continuing left. Continue going right and you should see an opening to the right with several pigcops, enter here and find the “Cell Block” switch on the wall. Press it. Head back to the door since the cell block is opposite that. Enter this area, there is a switch past the vending machine inside some barracks at the end. Push this. Exit this room and take a right and follow the path, until you get to a brighter patch. Locate an opening in the left and enter here. Jump on the box underneath the sign, then onto the orange metal platform. Then jump up from here in front of you into a small room above this. The platform should then raise, turn back and head on it. In front of you is yet another switch for the next floor, push it. In the previous room is a switch to bring the platform down, head to the forth floor.

Forth Floor: This place is dangerous so be careful. Avoid the carts as much as possible. Firstly, take out a pipebomb then head right. You’ll notice so lockers, go on the opposite side and toss one exploding it. Enter the locker and hit the switch. Take some lefts from the locker and enter the unlocked ALPHA doors. The switch in there opens the BETA doors near the locker. The switch in here unlocks the firth floor, so head there now.

Fifth Floor: From here follow the tunnel and take a right. Follow the next tunnel and jump into the small hatch water is coming out of. Go underwater and continue forward. Hit both the switch here and above water then head back. Go the opposite way this time. Lower down and get to the grate. Shoot the two last switches. The left explodes so enter this and surface. Take the blue key and hit the switch on the door. Go out and take the tunnel back, and take the one with red water instead. Enter that round area and hit the switch, head to the sixth floor.

Sixth Floor: From here continue down the path and take a right. The go towards the switch and press it. Enter this area. Find the blue keycard reader and use your card. This area is now called CHURCH. Enter the area you unlocked and go to where the arrow points. Hit the switch here, this activates another lift on the armory floor we need to use. Head there now and get on top of that wooden box mentioned earlier. There is a quicker way to get there by jumping from where you are towards the platform at hand. You won’t take die from the impact but might be risky when at low health. Once there jump onto the platform above the box and around the middle column. Hit the switch and wait for the lift to come down. Take this back up and jump to the top most platform and hit the switch, “In God We Trust” Head back to CHURCH on the sixth floor and go near the blue keycard reader. From there turn around and continue to the end of the corridor and through the double doors. In here is a switch to the next floor so head there now.

Seventh Floor: From here just follow the path until you come into a large metal room with tanks. There are buttons the the pillar and the code is, the firsth and last. This opens the area to the right, head there now. Head left and past the pipe and hit the two switches found in here. Jump back on the pipe and turn left, enter this red area. Upon dropping down take the right tunnel and follow it to some vents without colour lighting. Stick to the right wall and enter a broken compartment pressing the switch here. This opens a path to the left, so drop down. Continue forward into the “Hyrdofusion Substation” and hit the switch, head back and go behind the vent you came out and enter the door that was opened up here. Be sure to press the switch here when you go in here. Take the right from here this time and follow it down and hit the switch at the end on the wall. Head back into that vent now. Continue to the end this time into the next area, and press the switch. Take the vents back out into the area you first went into the fire door vents. The gated doors you passed have now opened, in here is an overlord boss and a switch. This opens the next floor.

Secret Level Access: From exiting the area, jump on the wooden platform to the right then follow the jumping round the left. Eventually you’ll notice a hole in the wall. Jump in here and found at the end is the secret level exit.

Eight Floor: Before we go here, remember that “Roof Access” area inside the green building on the second floor? head there now as you need the yellow keycard before proceeding on. Head to that area and go up the alienated ramp. You now enter a green glowing room, hit the switch below the Overlord. Run back as this one can squash you but doesn’t end the level. Avoid is completely by hitting the switch on the platform it came down to the right and quickly out the door. Careful not too fall off. Continue up this platform, however to the left on another building are some Battlelords to pester you. On this roof, jump into the dumpster. Now underwater follow the path down and grab the yellow key, then hit the switch behind you. Surface up. Now you are at the bottom of the lighthouse again. If you can’t remember how to get back up read the start again. Head to the eigth floor.

From here take a left and find the three buttons. Hit them all to open the gate behind you. Enter the room with detour sign and hit the last three switches here. On the opposite side of the floor is the elevator we activated. Take it up then take a right and follow the path towards a large area. Got right past the middle machine and break the glass, turn around and hit the switch found in the right corner underneath the gap you came through. Head back to the machine where the stairs are and climb towards the yellow keycard reader and use it. And area behind you opens up, so head in to here. Take the lift up. Turn right and head towards the area the mortar pigcop stands. Jump through the vent. If done right a light bulb will come down. Now find the elevator behind the machine and take it up. Continue through and drop down. Press all the buttons by crouching around the middle column. You now have a choice of a Nuke Button or fighting the boss. Jump down the center. The Nuke Button is down here, while a vent is opposite to exit and fight the boss.

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