Another Timeless Night

Short, action packed map mostly against Commanders and Battlelords. At first everything appears calm, until the aliens attack yet again, ruinimg the peaceful little town, causing havoc at the shopping plaza and train station as it falls apart. Action is balanced out with fair number of enemies and small waves to fight against. Plenty of supplies around and enough room to maneuver during battle, all around keeping everything an enjoyable experience. Some may experience crashing towards the end.

Reconisable mapping style from Alejandro himself delivering a detailed map, mostly set indoors with a typical light and dark brown colour scheme seen in most of his releases. Structural wise is as always decent keeping a solid design throughout the plaza, realistic approaches for each room type or exterior setting. Texturing is aligned and used well throughout. Good spritework is present as always with great lighting and other small details here and there making everything feel a lot more three dimensional and realistic.

Enjoyable action packed map with great design throughout.

Overall Rating: 88%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Alejandro Glavic
Download: Here

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