Alien Wipeout

Very short, but sweet with a few fights here and there. There is no set objective this time round, where you get from one end of the alien space ship to the escape pods. Simple interaction throughout, unlocking a few fields and doors. Action is balanced but numbers of enemies is small, and plenty of supplies around to last.

Using a grey, green and brown colour scheme, an alien shuttle is the set location for this map that has plenty of structural details, good texturing, creating an alien feel very well. There were some other interesting little things here and there such as the tentacules on the side of the ship and small replica of the town from a previous map. Lots of dark areas with bright green lights and wierd alien devices at work, the ambience creating more life to the map.

Short yet enjoyable map with great design.

Overall Rating: 88%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Alejandro Glavic
Download: Here

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