You’ve been taken to a prison and are currently awaiting trial which won’t be a fair one, so you decide to escape. The map is rather simple to play through and nothing to hard that gets in your way. The fights are very easy to get through once you get the shotgun, otherwise automatics and grenades are still there. The only enemies you will be figthing most with are the combine with a gunship outside which I found rather useless since you can quickly take it down early in the map. To get out of the prison you must venture through and find the key to the front gate as combine, manhacks and turrents get in your way around every corner.

The structure of the map is great with an interesting design to building on the exterior. Texturing however is a bit bland and basic which could have been a lot better. The lighting is also rather bad, both outside and indoors while some of the lighting appears on the other side of corridors which destroys the visual side of things. Skybox has a quite atmospheric look yet again it could have looked better with better texture choices.

Overall Conclusion
Interesting exterior structure yet with bad lighting throughout with a very easy and simple gamplay.

Author: Satchmo
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 68%
Download: Here