Rather easy except closer to the end when there are a few more enemies about but nothing hard at all as the player is given enough supplies to survive and beat the level. Most of the map is pressing consoles and fighting the combine, with a few small interesting moments and puzzles, however very linear and still a bit boring.

Average all the way few, with a few structure errors here and there. Texturing was also quite moderate with some fitting choices but could have been used a lot better, as with the lighting, especially outside with the intense sunlight shining on the rocks and wall of the building. There was a lot of ambience sounds used throughout the map though which was a good touch so it felt more alive, yet the overall design wasn’t very good.

Overall Conclusion
Average design, with simple gameplay.

Author: Exos
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 32%
Download: Here

One Comment

  1. October 18, 2006

    mostly thing gets up while progresing and this one gets down especially at the end..sadly because there was something in it

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