Scuba Steve’s: Action DooM

Author: Stephen "Scuba Steve" Browning Released: July 3rd 2004

Action Doom is meant to try and bring back the run and gun feeling from the old 2D shooters like Contra and Metal Slug. In the tradition of such games there are no bullet weapons, only projectiles. And just like Contra every enemy and subsequently you, all have but one hit point, aside from bosses and mini bosses.

Very action pack wad that I found very tricky at times but also enjoyed playing it. There are a lot of enemies around that keeps the tension going, afraid of getting hit so moving around can be both handy and suicide. Each new enemy poses a different challenge, be it more or faster projectiles, to melee or being very small they offer varity to the wad. Each level has it’s own location also changing the gameplay within it, as you have the wide city level where it is easy to aviod the projectiles being shot at you, a jungle where the trees are good for cover and someimes an annoyance and dark caves where it is harder to see your opponent making the gameplay feel a little spooky in those areas. The wad includes some brand new weapons, each prove useful against different foes. I loved the plasma gun as it helped put down a bunch of enemies when I was on the brim of survival. Exploring the labs level was a fun moment from the wad, since there is a few interactive things about. I also found it to be the creepiest map with a lot of moments that almost scared me to death. Even more than what DooM3 could. Boss battles were extremely challenging to beat, lots of stuff going on at the same time, projectiles flying everywhere and many enemies to watch out for at all at once. Very entertaining. And finally, there is plenty of ammo about for the weapons and since the pistol is unlimited removes the need of finding ammo desperately since the new ones are basically “powerups” to me. There is also different skill modes you can choose from, and ofcourse a practise mode where you can start at 100 health.

Top notch in every level with some very good structure work through each one, and the little details have been created very well, such as cars and computer areas. The destruction throughout the levels has been cleverly made, and look both interesting and realistic. Texturing is very good with some great choices, and aligned well. The new textures fit well with the Doom palette, except a few colours here and there, keeping the look very Doomish. Lighting is very good, especially down in the cave areas, with good use of gradiants on each one. I loved the hell level as it really feels realistic with all the tones of reds in every dirrection mixing well into each other to create that evil atmosphere. Other than that, the weapon graphics have been created very well, good colour choices and interesting designs.

Overall Conclusion
An entertaining wad with great design and fantastic, yet tricky and challenging gameplay – Very action packed.

Author: Stephen “Scuba Steve” Browning
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 97%
Download: Here

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