Minerva: Metastasis 2


This sequel has a lot of very interesting moments throughout compared to the first one in the series. There are a lot of good gameplay ideas using only default resources and have been done very well. Action in the maps is challenging and balanced well with plenty of ammo and health. The level mainly consists of pushing buttons which wasn’t too exciting but most of the interesting visuals and effects made up for it.


Top notch with a lot of details using only default textures and models. A lot of interesting made locations with a few dull places but overall the level has a very good design. Lighting is very good especially for source as it looks very realistic and mixes well with the theme and colours of the locations. Props have been used well in the places they’ve been assigned to and not overused with some good brushwork throughout.

Overall Conclusion

Very interesting gameplay with a very good design using default resources.

Author: Adam Foster
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 95%
Download: Here

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  1. Zockopa
    September 26, 2006

    Foster is a mapper focussed on good gameplay and his experience shows here. While others are eager to make a long featurelist with new models,skins and textures he brings the best of HL2 to life.

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