Jail Escape


You’re little brother has been kidnapped and the only way to get him back is to kill a person who is in jail for someone. However, you have to cause trouble in a bank to get put into prison and then escape after killing the person required to get your little brother back. The introduction was quite interesting but wasn’t made too well. Most of the way through you’re walking constantly and having very easy battles with enemies. Nothing too special to mention in this one either, most of it was quite boring to play through without much atmosphere or ambience to enhance the experience.


Average design throughout with many basic looking areas. The structure of each section isn’t too good but still gives you the idea of what the place is. However, the lack of interesting design with a lot of flat areas ruins the look of it all. The doors in this one are also too thick at times which doesn\’t look correct at all. Texturing isn’t too good either with a few stretched door textures and bad choices which don’t mix too well together. Lighting is also rather basic and there never really seemed to be a light source to produce the light that is placed in the level which again, isn’t very good.

Overall Conclusion

The mod had potential to be an interesting and well designed mod, but however this is untrue. Average design and quite boring gameplay with easy fights throughout.

Author: Dennis / CubeDude89
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 57%
Download: Here

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