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Be a Rebel Part Two


This map is much more easier than the last and much more worse. Lots of randomly placed zombies at the start and boring fights with combine. More badly placed enemies and a strider that doesn’t shoot properly. The map is much more shorter than the last. The map gets boring quite fast.


Worse than the first one. Really basic texturing and flat design with a lot of design flaws. No trimming and the dimensions are still bad.

Overall Conclusion

Worse than the first one in everyway

Author: Sean Herron
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 8%
Download: Here

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  1. rapidZ says:

    This map was very boring and very crap in layout. There was random enemies placed.

    There was a section on the map where there was a group of 5 enemies standing with a rebel in front of them and they did nothing. Until you run around the corner then they start shooting at you and all the rebels.

    Very stupid map!

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