Voices Of Authority


VoA is SalaciusCrumb’s first Duke Nukem 3D release. He mainly mapped for SSTTC as an offical mapper and made several user maps. Like most of SalaciusCrumb’s maps, they are mission based and this map has a good mission based gameplay. Theres plenty of ammo and health and a few monsters, there could of been more though. Monsters are placed well and map is fun through out. The viewscreen showing the flying mother ship was really well done too.


Has a eye for detail and a nice texture set used. Texture work very well and suit the area, and the way the room are constructed are very good. Lighting is realistic and done correctly. None of the detail gets in your way and lot of space to move around in.

Overall Conclusion

Very good mission based map worth playing if you haven’t yet.

Author: SalaciusCrumb
Rating: 92%
Download: Here

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