Earth Base


The level comes with an artic skybox and goes over the limits, so you will need Jonof to play this map. Also, a summer version is on its way, but im not sure how it’s going at the moment.


The gameplay in this map is simple, but very fun to play. The main gameplay is a keycard hunt, but playing this map seemed a little different and not that much of a basic gameplay. I had fun playing through this whole map. Enemy balance is well done, the enemy locations are good. Theres plenty of ammo and health in this map to survive near the end, I finished the level with plenty of ammo and health. There is a lot of back tracking in the map, but at some point, you break the wall near the starting area to get to the red key card door, so its not all that bad.


Design is clean and the textures mix perfectly. The design is simple in a good way, and the detail isn’t over the top. I love Mikko’s style of mapping, because of the way he makes his maps, and the way he designs them. Shading is good in the map and the way they should be, but sometimes lacks it in some areas. Theres lots of trimming in the map too which makes the design look a lot more nice looking.

Overall Conclusion

Great map, good clean design, very well done texturing and trimming, fun replayable gameplay. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Author: Mikko Sandt
Rating: 75%
Download: Here

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