Dark Place 5


A scary atmosphere in a carnival which is a good them for the level. This map has a lot of sounds of screaming and growling monsters which adds to the scary theme. There’s also a lot of black ghosts which is a good use for the dark atmosphere, some made me jump here and there such as the newbeasts. Theres plenty of ammo and health in this map and a good balance of monsters and respawns which is fair. Some newbeast fights are challenging, but still good. The main objective is pressing switches that open the corosponding pattern/colour to the next building and doing the same. This is quite fun, but gets fustrating when you can’t find your way around. It took me a while to figure what to do at the very start. Don’t use the shrinker on the tower monsters since your game will crash, which is annoying if you don’t know about this. Save often since this map is quite hard too.


Very top notch with details and sprite work everywhere. Lots of reds, browns and greys where used in this map which is a good choice for the theme. Spritework is constructed well and choices for the sprites were good. Shading is also good in this map with a lot of dark areas. Choice of textures and the way they have been used is execelent. Sky texture and palette choice was nice too, but a brown sky could of looked better than a bronze one.

Overall Conclusion

A great map with a scary theme, challenging with plenty of ammo and health.

Author: Taivo Maripuu
Type: Singleplayer
Download: Here