Atmospheric Processing Facility

Very challenging and hard map with plenty of monsters than can kill you in no time if not careful. Map lacks a little bit of health, so this makes the map really hard. I died a lot in this map, for example, the starting area inside the alien craft with all those liztroops and harldy any health. The map is good and quite long. The map also offeres a mini-boss and main boss battle at the end, which sort of works well, but lack of room to straft and you die quickly.

Good design with a well chosen set of textures and map ideas. Some misaligned textures but not a lot around. Weapon and monster placement is good, respawns are fair. Ammo is placed nicely, and ammo is placed in a good place, although a lack of it. The subway train works perfectly without bugs, maybe a few jigs bit it has been made well.

Overall Conclusion
Hard, challenging map, with a lack of health but good design and enough ammo to survive.

Author: Andrew Orman
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 78%
Download: Here