Very hard, challenging battles. The first areas of the map seems to have a lot of enemies around, but these aren’t so difficult. As you progress into the map, more and more enemies are added to the hordes and eventually you will be fighting a lot of the stronger monster, especially the Mancubus. Theres a lot of ammo around, especially for the shotgun and plasma guns, the weapons are given to the player fairly as well. Some battles can be tight in areas, which can be annoying at times. There is a lot of health throughout, but further in the map, as it gets harder, you need to watch your health incase you use it all up.


The author has remade certain areas from Doom 1 and Doom 2 and made it into a map. The idea works out well, and the layout stays tidy. Design is high quality with very well chosen textures and the style is kept through out. Lighting is good and the large out door areas have been worked out well.

Overall Conclusion

A well designed map, with very hard gameplay.

Author: Russell Pearson
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 73%
Download: Here

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