A Winterland Memory

Simple keycard and button hunting with a good amount of action to keep entertained and challeneged in a few locations. Ammo and health balance is very good and kept at a good level depending on the amount of enemies around, everything flows very well throughout the map.Nothing much to comment about the gameplay but the player gets a choice at the end of the map to either go to the ship or fight a boss.

Typical Mikko style with very good chosen textures each aligned well with a clean and tidy structure throughout the map. Some areas had good lighting whereas others weren’t as good. A few areas were also quite empty but nothing too bad. Ambience outside could have been used as it made that area very quiet and bland to walk around.

Overall Conclusion
Another good release from Mikko with a good design and simple gameplay that could of been better.

Author: Mikko Sandt
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 80%
Download: Here / Iggy’s Mirror

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