Release: 50 Shades of Graytall for Doom 2

This Boom compatible community project, headed up by Marcaek, was started with a simple goal in mind; create a level only using the textures, graytall, fireblu1, doortrak and a single FLAT of choice. Skies and sky transfers were also allowed. After several months of development a total of 18 submissions were included. My contribution takes the MAP05 slot, titled Concrete Flagellation, offering a fairly short and simple romp – nothing too grandiose or difficult, but it does mark my first published Doom user level.

50 Shades offers a huge variety of experiences despite these self imposed limitations, managing to offer something different than the last through changes in mapping styles or direction they take gameplay. The difficulty can make some sudden spikes in later levels, especially on Ultra Violence, some even entering slaughtermap territory with their large monster counts and nail biting situations. Regardless I do recommend and hope players will take a look through what everyone pulled off using these ugly textures.

Download: Here

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