Release: The Flaming Shipwreck for Duke3D

Aliens have decided to grab a beer at a modernised British pub in Lynnchester called The Flaming Shipwreck, slaughtering the local folk and causing all sorts of trouble. Being too much for the local police force, Duke has been assigned to remove their presense from the area.

Originally started as a pub section for the BeachCBP during Apr 2013. Having no motivation for mapping at the time, it was put aside indefinitely. I resumed work in Nov 2014 with a different perspective and workflow to mapping. To ensure a healthy balance of motivation and inspiration, there were various short and long breaks inbetween. Project finished 24th Aug 2015.

Download: Here

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  1. December 17, 2016

    I’ve some mood recently to play arround DN maps and honnestly I really like this one lot’s of tiny detail, well balanced gameplay perhaps a little to easy regarding puzzle but I like it like this.

    Thanks to release this one, and Ryan just continue to throw sometimes some build engine related maps

    have a happy new year man ;)

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