Author: Nyskrte
Released: February 19th 2012
Download: Here

Puffin is a single chamber which requires the right wits to overcome the challenge here. Mistakes here will only cause grief, where two players must coordinate well. Are you up to it?


Puffin is quite a complex map in ways, offering a huge amount of teamwork in almost every spot, while it can also be a tough challenge to get through without losing patience. Any fatal mistake, such as a player’s death, may result in redoing certain sections you have already succeeded in passing, only as a means to return to a previous state. This does get very tiresome quickly if this happens often, all while trying to figure out what needs to be done and how to get there. These issues could be avoided with a couple of simple changes. One idea would be to lower the water height, which can help to avoid accidentally brushing the cube on its surface causing more grief than needed. Another would be to reward players with a shortcut after reaching a specific point, simply by shutting off the two large fizzlers so that both players can resume to where they were without requiring each others help at all times. There was also a particular intentional use of the blue gel which didn’t seem to work too well, causing us to fail reaching an area and only doing so with sheer luck after many attempts. And accidents. Putting those aside, as a whole the chamber is neat to play, offering a high difficulty level and a great sigh of relief once over. Many times we wanted to give in, but pushed on to see if we could overcome it. By giving the players a shortcut, it would allow the experience to be more comfortable after the first half has been completed, but otherwise it does force players to be careful, coordinated and accurate. This map may take a good chunk of time to play through depending on the above, so a fair warning to those seeking a smaller challenge.

Very challenging chamber to accomplish, mostly because of the utmost requirement for both players not to cause any mistakes such as death, or else find themselves in a tiresome position.

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