The Puppy Years

Author: Brendon Chung
Released: August 5th 2004
Download: Here

Contrary to most people’s expectations, the Puppy Farm did not raise puppies. Corporate espionage was simply more profitable.


Now this here was a good laugh to play through. How often do you get the chance to play as a baby with an expertise in stealth and infiltration? That is where The Puppy Year gets its drive from, kicking off with a humorous scenario and focusing on little Abel’s life at the institute, along with the events which unfold here. The overall experience is split into three separate and distinctive parts, starting off with a bit of training to get used to the controls and learn to use the new features which define Abel’s character and the place he currently resides. That is until a certain event unfolds in a later segment. As one should now be aware, Abel is definitely no ordinary baby. He can continuously leap up walls, crash land from any height unharmed, hack terminals to unlock doors and push heavy cargo containers as if they were mere toy blocks. These might only be small details, but the clues are in there somewhere! But he still loves those milk and cookie rewards he is given after a successful session in the training course, something to remind ourselves that Abel is still a growing child at heart, other things aside.

In a nutshell, the next two segments each offer a variant to gameplay, one taking the aspects of a puzzle-like stealth mission and the other is an action orientated means of escaping the facility alive, giving our overpowered hero a variety of adventures to get through while the humorous tone remains as always. The stealth segment isn’t exactly hard to grasp, considering that there aren’t any moving targets to worry about besides from a couple of rotating cameras. As long as Abel keeps to the shadows, navigating this area without being seen should be a piece of cake. Failure will just throw the player back outside to start over. During the final course of The Puppy Years, several enemies will be out to kill anyone inside of the facility and will eventually involve some gun fights. Bullet projectiles can be seen and avoided, but a single shot can be lethal. But that also counts for the enemies too. To make things easier for you, a slow motion trigger can be used to take advantage of Abel’s reflexes to turn the tide of battle to your side. In general, the mod doesn’t seem to have been designed with difficulty in mind, instead offering a short, yet engaging adventure.

Offers an engaging and humorous adventure of an overpowered baby and his excellent espionage skills, as he gets through three different scenarios making full use of his abilities and earn a mouthful of milk and cookie for a job well done.

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