Author: AmnDragon Released: June 6th 2011


Cubi is a three chamber level, two of which rely on fast reflexes while the last requires the player to put some thought into how to solve it.


These are a good set of puzzles, the first and third may come across as head scratchers, but the second chamber is more simple in comparison by focusing mainly on fast portal placement. Nothing which requires any inhuman abilities by any means though. The finale chamber is definitely a favourite of mine, really forcing the player to think outside of the box and try out various methods to unlock the doors, making good use of the laser beam puzzle element and floor receptacles which can be toggled to either be raised or lowered. Had fun with trying out a number of combinations where the obvious method might not be the best one. The overall design also looks good to boot, although it uses a lot of black tiles, the white panels have been distributed to hide the boxy appearance of each area by scatter them about here and there. I’ll be looking out for other releases by AmnDragon and hope they provide this level of challenge.

Cubi by AmnDragonCubi by AmnDragon


Good set of three puzzles which offers some variety and a decent challenge, especially the head scratcher third chamber.

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