Kl Test Map 1/4

Author: Klaus234
Released: May 6th 2011
Download: Here

The test mostly takes place within a small room, yet manages to make clever use of that space. How? Read on or simply give the map a whirl.


For such a small room, the author did a pretty neat job with the puzzle from the fact that it will require lots of thinking to get everything done as required since the process is quite long, but the execution though is simple to achieve without any real fear of dying. In order to succeed and complete the chamber, the player must manipulate two buttons, one laser, a light bridge and a moveable section of the chamber itself. The room next door also serves as a part in the solution too, but most of the meat is found here. The level does start out with a fairly pointless introduction to get both of the portal guns, but considering this is probably only a quarter of the overall experience, it’s not such a bad idea to set things up. Hopefully the final release will involve puzzles just as intuitive as this or better.

Great use of a single room while adding so much to it, spending a good deal of time solving it.

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