Return of The Order

The Order have returned and taken over your headquarters. So the task is simple, to once again stop them and take everything back once more. The level will start by placing you in a cell with a acolyte guarding outside and upon escaping that area you are given some simple objectives to complete during the course of the level. Gameplay is mostly button pushing and fighting off you foes to reach the next location, however there are a few interactions with some NPCs.

The fights found throughout the level may come across tricky in areas with several guards, but it’s nothing too hard to accomplish. Health and ammo can take a toll on the limited amount if not carefully observed which I managed to run out of during my first run through, otherwise there should be enough. The level isn’t anything spectacular but it’s enjoyable for it’s short length, nothing too complicated to come across and easy to navigate through the level to find specific locations, though it may be possible to get lost when looking, or remembering, where the hand scanner was.

The level uses a pretty standard theme and keeps a consistent design and structure throughout. The texturing is solid and lighting works well in each of the areas but theres nothing of major interest about the design, which is again pretty standard. Each of the areas are of a good width and size though, which makes some of the fights come across nicely, with a small mix of short and long range shootings, as well as vertical.

Short, simple and standard level which remains enjoyable throughout.

Additional Notes
This level contains an additional wad called kaiser_13_b which is basically a chopped up version of the level to work with the original game of Strife, so it gives you a bit of a choice how to play it.

Overall Rating: 75%

Type: Singleplayer
Port Recommended: Zdoom / SvStrife
Author: Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal

Download: Here

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