Hollow Moon Beta Demo 2

Set on the moon, with quite a different approach to the modifacation. As well as the setting, black and while visuals take over all the colour and silence is found throughout the short experience as some dramatic music plays in the background. Treated to a short opening sequence and credits before the main menu, we soon set foot on the moon with its vast and empty, winterlike landscape. A crashed shuttle lies dead behind you, while a vehicle awaits some distance in front to explore the area. Coming across a large structure built within the moon’s surface we soon learn the meaning of the title. The adventure starts here.

You’ll be given one weapon, a rechargable laser cannon, to fight one enemy type found within the facility. The combat seems unfitting considering the atmosphere which comes across as mild, easy and dull. Don’t let that put you off however, there are some nice additions such as notes which of course add to the story and immersion. What exactly is going on in this deadly silence? There are also ofcoures some simple puzzles, but a majority of gameplay is found pressing switches next to doors to continue into similar looking areas. The can be a major flaw in the experience considering how interesting it could be approached, but still a nice concept displayed in such a short play time.

Using a black and while ambience throughout the mod demo, adds some uniqueness to the overall design. Structures throughout are very detailed and crafted well using. Such features are the many supports throughout the faclity, and large pipes running across the walls. Texturing is also done pretty well using them in an orderly fashion and aligned well. Lightign was moderate but nothing really stood out too much, kept the ambience of mood there without being too bright or dark. There are some flashing lights on the sides of walls in some locations which did add a form of contrast to those darker areas breaking up the design in a good way from time to time.

Not exactly a mod fit for every gamer, but poses an interesting concept that could work out really well in as a complete works, obviously with some improvements. Hopefully the project is still being worked on.

Overall Rating: Demo: 80%

Type: Singleplayer
Authors: Hollow Moon Team
Download: Here

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