Build Games on XP

Out of the four main Build Engine games, two have been ported and keep the games stable and work well under XP. Those ofcourse being Duke3D and Shadow Warrior. But that leaves Blood and Redneck Rampage being unported, and some of you might ask why? The simple answer to this is that the source code for those games were never released and possibly won’t ever be. You might be wanting to play other Build Engine games such as Witchaven, TekWar, Powerslave or NAM/WWIIGI. So how can you get these games running well?

Windows 98/95/DOS
One obvious suggestion, if you have a spare hard drive lying around or one currently in your system, you could install a copy of an older Windows/DOS operating system onto it so you can switch between your XP to play dos games like you might have done several years ago.

Although it can be quite slow, with some tweaking it should run at a good enough framerate. You can find DOSbox here, and a page that might be useful here.

VDM Sound / Deathmask guide
This way works pretty well, and I recommend you try this out first. But I also suggest you turn off any instant messengers and other programs that might popup with something suddenly since your game will minimize and make it harder to exit when you quit the game later. There are two guides around from what I’ve seen, but both seem to be similar and work well. Deathmask Guide / Kryto’s Guide.

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