The Updates and Plans for 2007

Conclusion to 2006
Well there goes by another year, and quite a good one for me even if it had a lot of downsides to it. But there were some highlights and also some good releases and games to play throughout the year. To conclude the year, the site from posting this news article currently has 243 reviews. Ofcourse not all of them are of great quality but still a good enough achievement. Either that or I have too much free time.

In other news however, I have updated both the Sunset and Sunrise theme, fixed up some things here and there. There is also another theme available called, Mystic, which uses another great skybox from Hipshot like that other two and hope people like it. Ofcourse there are some display issues I’ve yet to solve for those who it occurs to. I have found a solution and it should be up soon but I’m not promising anything. Ofcourse feedback would be great for those who test it.

Other website plans?
I haven’t got any new major ideas for the site as of yet, but I will be updated it every now and then to make it better for the reader to enjoy. I also would like to work a bit more on the comment system to make it a little more interesting. I did get rid of the white boxes though so it blends better with the rest of the page. I’ll also find time to finish off the projects section including in-depth information on all my dead stuff for anyone who is interested.

Modding related plans?
Many ideas, but I’d like to finish what I have started first. In a previous post I have stated that my System Episode was close to dying. But I have decide that its still worth completing but will have many major changes and will finally conclude the story as best I can. Before that I have a smaller project set in a mansion. More on that later in the year. Ofcourse a few other Duke3D and Half Life ideas which I wont discuss as of yet, but they’re pretty interesting in my opinion. But lets finish what I have at the moment before I abandon yet more projects.

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  1. January 1, 2007

    I take the oportunity to give you some encouragement according your site and review i come here nearly everyday and i’m happy to find sometimes things i didn’t know before…Work isn’t perfect (mine neither…) but at least your review section is increasing every day… i just hope 2007 will bring you what you really want and finally will bring us several release from you (in the past they were all worth) keep continuing man

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