Cold Steel

There doesn’t seem to be any plot, however the action feels more aimed towards a run and gun which works quite well here. Good enemy placement and some difficult spots here and there make this one enjoyable with nothing fustrating anywhere in the map. Supplies are scarce which adds to the difficult to make sure you be careful during the fights and save what you can. Flow was good with a few cutscenes that will play every now and then in the map. However, it was a little easy to get lost here as it isn’t very obvious a certain door was unlocked, but can be eventually found within a short time though.

Top notch with a very detailed structure throughout the map with a lot of pipes being used in most areas. The structure has a lot of shape with plenty of curves and other good looking elements keeping with some very good texturing, although very few misaligned ones here and there. Nothing too noticable which is good. Lighting is atmospheric though mostly dark and used well throughout with a few small coloured lights to add a bit more tone in there that fits.

Overall Conclusion
Quite difficult yet enjoyable gameplay in a very well designed map.

Author: eLuSiVe
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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